Living the Dream

I’m in love…

With summer on Echo Lake.

Once again I spent my summer working at Camp Winnebago in Maine. Last year was good, this year was spectacular! The staff that I had the privilege of working side by side with was incredible. I made so many new friends that I hope to know for a lifetime. This being my second year, I was able to jump right in to camp life, which was really nice. I was attached to an amazing bunk of campers, nighttime was one of my favorite times of the day. We took turns reading “Phantom Tollbooth” to the boys every night for the first several weeks. I had so many great conversations, played games of Uno and Egyptian Rat Screw, scratched backs, rubbed sore legs, clipped nails, built blanket forts, and so much more. I had an amazing co-counselor that I learned from just by observing how he would handle situations calmly, how he was kind even when the situation wold have lent to other actions and how he talked with the kids to build a relationship. He made me want to be better just by seeing his example.

My other job aside from being attached to the Falcons (8-9 year olds) was teaching the WAG (Winnebago Afternoon Gazette), we produced 20 issues, had a few late night/early morning deadlines, worked with some amazing campers and saw heir creativity and passion come to life through writing. There may have been a few games of Monopoly Deal and t that took place too! I had so many visitors to the WAG hut this year and that made it that much more fun. I loved when another activity or counselor would “drop in” or a camper would stop by during their free period. A few who weren’t even assigned WAG would come in during their free time and work on freelance articles. This made my heart happy.

During the summer the staff rehearsed for a musical that we performed on the second to last night of camp. Rehearsals were hard because they took place late, after the kids were asleep, and they required dedication and work. It was so much fun though to share in this experience with my fellow counselors. Hours were spent running lines, learning songs, working out timing and most importantly lots of laughs. I am not good in the drama department but learned so much during this process. Most of all, an encouraging word from a friend came make you feel like a million bucks. (Thank you Ben, I wouldn’t have wanted to do this without you.)

To the community where I am accepted and loved, have experienced true friendship from people I feel like I’ve known for years and wish I cold have met earlier so I would know them longer, I say thank you. Thank you for the memories, the lessons, the joy, the exhaustion, for the everything.



I went to Maine. It was amazing. I loved working at Camp Winnebago. Teaching campers and witnessing “ah ha” moments. Meeting people from all over the U.S. and world was unbelievable. Becoming a part of a culture unique only to Camp, one that try as I might to explain I just can’t quite paint the right picture. Spending days off exploring and relaxing with friends. Working hard and feeling the exhaustion that six consecutive 15-16 hour days bring and yet it’s okay because my peers were in the same boat. The Stars were gorgeous, clear and bright, the Milky Way could easily be seen and many a night there were multiple shooting stars, I felt like a kid watching them. Leaving was hard, I hated saying goodbye to the boys that I had come to know and care for and friends that I had gotten so close to it seemed like I had known them my whole life.

Next, I went to Boston for some needed R&R and to process. It was fantastic. I spent two days doing as much as I could fit in. I walked the Freedom Trail, checked out a great bookstore, shopped, went to a game at Fenway, rode the T multiple times, ate delicious food and loved every second of it. I spent another day in Lexington and Concord (in the slight chance that Josh reads this, yes, Concord was better!) It was incredible to see Old North Bridge, Sleepy Hallow, Author’s Ridge, and put my feet in Walden Pond. Standing in the place where our forefathers stood and where pivotal historical acts took place, it was a moving experience… to stand there and breath it in and soak it up was indescribable.
I finally made it home on Friday. It was good to finish up the driving part of the road trip but it was hard to close the door on the adventure. As it is in life though, all good things must come to and end. Now, on to the next thing…

Bucket List

Things I want to to do, sooner before later. In no particular order, here goes…

  • Learn to play the cello
  • Live in Ireland (even if briefly)
  • Go Sailing
  • Attend a game at Fenway Park. ✔️ (August 14, 2016)
  • Backpack in Europe
  • Watch fireworks over a lake  ✔️ ( Juy 4, 2016)
  • Jury Duty
  • Drive across America Coast to Coast
  • Go to a Drive-In movie
  • Make a piece of pottery ✔️ (Winnebago Summer 2016 thanks Chelsea!)
  • Be completely out of debt
  • Watch the Olympics in person
  • Take my dad to a NASCAR race
  • Become a mom
  • Move somewhere new
  • Make a new lifelong friend ✔️ Many friends at Winnebago Summer 2016

I might add to this as new ideas come to me.

Guess I’d better get movin’



I’ve sat down countless times to write a new blog, but never seem to come up with just the right thing to say and end up erasing everything I wrote and starting over and then over again and again and then eventually give up. I have high hopes that I can cover some ground this time (fingers crossed!) My plan: Keep It Simple Simple! (two simples = extra simple)

I am still here. Yay! We’ve made it to a second paragr             


So, what’s new? 

I teach. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever undertaken, but it is also the most incredibly wonderful – fantastic -interesting – amazing – fulfilling job. 

  This meme couldn’t say it better. 🙂 

I quit my other part-time job. That in and of itself was a step of faith since I know that financially it will be a bit tight. I was praying about it one day and it was like as nudge no push NO… okay slap in the face from the Lord letting me know I didn’t have to push myself so hard and that if I would just have some faith He would take care of me. So, here I am…enjoying my evenings free, loving being able to stay after school and wrap up the day and get myself prepared for the next and getting enough time to recover.

Oh yeah, I am also learning how to live with someone. After living a year of complete bliss alone, I decided to rejoin humanity and not be a hermit anymore. My roomie Heidi moved in a month ago. She is the kindest and sweetest person imaginable, it’s a wonder that she puts up with me.

Leave me a comment telling what the Lord has recently nudged you to do. 


Rain = Blessing

St. Patrick’s Day I started back at the church school. I couldn’t have been more happy that I started on that day as it is one of my very favorite holidays. I love all things Irish…that’s allowed because Tá mé an Ghaeilge ♣.images

I get to teach in the 1st & 2nd grade class every morning and in the Kindergarten a few afternoons a week. I love spending my days with kids, it makes my ♥ more happy than anything.

Tomorrow I begin another venture into figuring out my headaches. An Elimination Diet (can you hear the excitement my voice? I didn’t think so.)images

As you can imagine this will be quite a challenge. I don’t mind giving up foods but I really HATE the shopping & prepping part of it all. I am lazy when it comes to eating. I like to open the fridge and pick my meal from the options it provides…this is a fault that I am trying to remedy. The next 30 days will help me with that I am sure.

Through this I am praying and hoping for some answers. I know regardless though that my Father has a reason for allowing me to go through this. Remembering that the rain brings blessing has helped my outlook. God knew I needed that message.images

Let it pour!





Meet Murray

I found this treasure at a yard sale last saturday. He came complete with the user manual and instructions. While looking through said booklets we found the original layaway and purchase receipt. He was purchased in 1984 in Fort Lewis, Wa.

it’s all in my head (and heart)


 I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. 

Please pray that it would show what is going on and there will finally be some answers.

Thank. You.



I got to spend my day with kids…that made my ♥heart♥ happy.

I don’t get all caught up in this “poor me” Valentine’s Day junk.

  • I love Valentine’s Day ♥ (next to Saint Patrick’s Day it’s my favorite.)
  • I love making giant heart shaped sugar cookies.
  • Giving Valentine’s to those I love.
  • I love that people use this occasion to tell shout to the world who they love and why. 

The End.


I’m not afraid anymore!

Holly and I watched Home Alone a few days ago.
Remember the part where Kevin comes out from under the bed and yells “I’m not afraid anymore” ?
I can identify.
Sometimes in life we get to a point where we are afraid. Not scared or frightened but fearful and worrisome.
Afraid of what God is going to ask us to do.
Afraid of what the future holds.
Afraid of missing the will of God.
Afraid of failing.
Afraid of being a disappointment.
Afraid of __________________________________ (fill in the blank.)
Just plain AFRAID.
We know that God’s Word says to not be afraid. We’ve heard countless messages preached about it.
And yet, there are times it just wriggles its way back into the thinking.

Being a single girl, trying to forge my way, making life-changing/difficult decisions…it can be somewhat daunting.


God hath not given us the spirit of fear. PRAISE HIS NAME!

So when I feel that fear and uncertainty start creeping in I have to let it go immediately.
I have to remember that even though it is human to feel uncertain, I have a Heavenly Father that has promised to lead and guide me.
I am a single girl, on my own, trying to make the best decisions I can, HE is here with me. It is my responsibility to remain ever close to Him.



December ….DECEMBER‼️
I am sitting here drinking a cup of Prince of Wales tea and thinking about the fact that I have been home, in America, for two whole months.
I can not believe it.
Even though there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about Papua New Guinea, I am finally starting to feel slightly grounded…maybe. Normal, no. Settled, yes. I’ll explain more in a bit. Had you asked me two months ago I would have told you I would be fine and settled in in no time flat, never would I have imagined that it would be as hard as it was to get to where I am today, and still I feel that I am in a dream in Inception where things keep changing.
So, I said I would explain. I don’t feel normal and what I mean by that is I don’t feel normal as I would have been normal pre-PNG…I don’t think I will ever be the same Megan I was before. A lot happened while I was away that changed who I am. I will to try to explain it where it makes sense but beware it all becomes a game of Jenga, the further I go the more precarious it will get. The easiest way is to start by giving individual words and go from there.

It was an exceptional spiritual environment. The Wells did family devotions every morning at 7:30, discussing together the chapter we read, Brad explaining things in detail. I loved that! Throughout the days there were impromptu conversations about spiritual matters, it was easy to bring up a thought, concern or question. At 3 p.m. Revival Hour, the alarms on our phones would go off, we would pray mid-whatever we were doing (yes, even while driving!) and pray together or go find our own place and pray for revival… in our hearts, the churches, and America. This was a special thing that helped to bind us together. I would say that the Wells home could be likened to the EAC dude (East Australian Current for all you non-Nemo fans.) Being in their home helped to strengthen me in areas that I had become weak. It stabilized me, helped me regain my focus on what was important. Brad would ask questions that forced me to think about things that I had not given a second thought to. Deborah would challenge me with a thought that would encourage me to step up in my Christian life. Even the kids would delve into discussions about things that surprised me when it came to spiritual matters.

I have always prided myself… “I am not an emotional girl!!” Except, deep down I am just like the rest of you, but…I try to hide it. I don’t like or want anyone to see me cry. I don’t want anyone to know my negative emotions. You know when I am happy but NOT when I am sad. I will pretend until the day I die that I am fine and cry behind closed doors.
I experienced some rough emotions. I know that God allows everything for a reason, having gone through it will help me understand others. I can now have patience when before I wasn’t so kind. Also, I needed to experience what it was like to feel completely and utterly broken. I had never felt that way before, I had never known what it was to hurt that way and I DID NOT like it one bit but it drew me so close to my Father and in that I am thankful.

The church of Bible Truth Baptist was so wonderful. They made me feel welcome from the get go. I was family and they let me know it. David and Nancy lived on the station and their 3 little girls; Betty, Nadya, and Melissa, who are absolutely adorable. I made a special connection with Betty and would talk to her often, she would find me in church and give me hugs and say hi to me anytime I would pass her on the station.
Ma Julie made me two Meri Blouses that weren’t the best quality but she gave them with love and that meant a lot to me and made me feel special.
Les and Betty Daniels and their daughters, Janamaya, Selah, and Maddy. I taught Jana for awhile in school and then continued to monitor her schooling after she took it home. Betty was a sweet friend and Jana would always give me hugs and the biggest smiles.
I also made a special friend Marcia, she was my age and we hit it off from the get go. She had gotten saved just a few months before I arrived. Marcia would pray with me on Wednesday nights and share what the Lord was doing in her life. I had asked her to work with me on my pidgin and she spent an afternoon after church one Sunday helping me. One Wednesday I told her I had something I was going to tell her that night in pidgin and I gave my testimony in church, she was beaming. On Thanksgiving I received the news that Marcia passed away. My heart hurts and I am so sad at the loss of such a sweet friend. She was very dear to me and I will never forget her. Praise the Lord that this last year of her life she had found Him whom her soul loveth!
Jennifer, Amy, Charity, Johanna, Torrey, Emily, Marshall – I could go on and on about how much I adore these guys but I am pretty sure you all already know that I love them to pieces!
Because of these people and so many more, I will never be the same.

🔸Being removed from everything that is familiar.
🔸Making a new life.
🔸Trying to live in a culture that makes no sense.
🔸Fitting into a family that doesn’t do things the way you do.
🔸Attending a church that is different.
🔸Eating new food.
🔸Learning a new language
The process of adapting to all sorts of new and different things is daunting. I had two ways I could have gone about it. Kicking & screaming or go with it. I chose to go with it. Let go. My motto was “Adapt and Overcome.” I decided that this was my life now. No looking back. No trying to live in both worlds. Jump in! (Because of that, coming home was really hard. I wasn’t ready. Remember I had let go). Had I known at the time that I was only going to be there for 8 months and not the 2 years I had planned on I might not have stressed so much about all the “letting go” but even in that I think that it was good for me.

I don’t mean lonliness, (although there were times of lonliness). I mean being alone. I became aware of who I am. I had time by myself to read, think, study, meditate on the Word. I discovered things about myself just by slowing down and really taking life in general at a nicer pace. I liked that. I find the pace of life back here in the States so overwhelming even today two months later. I still haven’t melded back into liking it again and I don’t think I ever will (hopefully.) I kind of like that that has changed about me. 🙂

This fish has jumped the fishbowl!
I can see a bigger picture than just Idaho, Treasure Valley Baptist Church, and *gasp* Independent Baptist. No, I don’t mean I believe differently. I do realize though that there is more than the tiny world I have seen my whole life. I can get along with people. I can reach outside my box and comfort zone and actually make a difference. I can minister to people if I stop looking at myself and trying to get my needs met. I can fellowship with someone who might believe a little different (I’m not talking heresy.) This world needs Christ, not Christians living for self or arguing theories. Seeing the bigger picture CHANGED ME.

Some of the things that took place inside me words just can’t describe. As many of you know, when a change takes place it’s usually gradual and you aren’t even aware of it at the time. Only when I look back at who I was before and who I am now can I see the differences. However I cannot explain all of them.
I have a newly plowed field that I am staring at and it’s exciting to get to plant it!

I cannot fully express my gratitude to my Father for all the things that I learned as a result of the eight months He gave me in Papua New Guinea. It is a time I will never forget. It truly changed not just the course of my life but who I am. He gave it to me as a gift. He has something in store for me in the future that this experience has given me the tools for.

God has a lot of molding and shaping to do but He is the Master Potter. My desire is to be a vessel that He can and will use.

*I must confess, it has taken me 6 days to write this. I started with tea and am ending with a cup of coffee (hey, it helps me think!)
“All glory and praise to the Lamb that was slain!”

~I am His and He is mine!

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