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July 2012


I thought of something recently.

Before I went to PNG in 2007 my friend Lacey gave me a beautiful necklace. I loved it. It was probably the nicest “out of the blue” gift anyone has ever given me. I loved it. It was a silver heart. I loved it. I wore it all the time.  Did I mention that I loved it?

When I was in PNG, we were sitting out on the grass one day and Amy was playing with the clasp, it came undone and I lost the heart. I searched and searched and was so sad because I loved that heart necklace.

I had forgotten all about that until I was thinking about how good God is and that I get to go back and then… it hit me…“I left my heart in New Guinea.” That is the truth. I didn’t know when I left if I would return but my heart yearned to. Now I get to….isn’t God so good ♥

Selina, Kamina, Jo and I


ps I haven’t heard anything back yet on the work permit, still waiting… 😦



Wait…I hate that word ☺

I mailed off all the paperwork on Thursday for my visa (it was an act of God getting to the post office!)

Now, I get to wait. Not my favorite thing to do but I’ve had a lot of practice.

So many people have already been a huge encouragement to me in this process. My sister is donating all her tips for the month of July to my fund. She is so sweet and giving. I couldn’t believe it when she told me, very humbling that someone would give up something so big, for me. Tons have people have told me how excited they are for me, that just makes me even more excited to go. For everyone’s kind word and genuine encouragement, THANK YOU!

When I have more news, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

For now, I’ll leave you with a photo from my trip in 2007.

Baby Megina and Jen Jen



I love my country…

Happy Birthday America!

We can’t all be Washingtons, but we can all be patriots.  ~Charles F. Browne


It’s 1:55am and I just finished putting together all the documentation requested so far to apply for a work visa and will be mailing it off tomorrow, er today.

Let’s hope/pray that there aren’t too many hoops to jump through in this process and that it’ll go quickly (from what I hear this is wishful thinking but hey there’s a chance in a million that I could be the exception☺)

With that, I am off to bed….

My Story

I’m Megan.

I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime, twice.

In 2007 I was able to travel to Papua New Guinea and live with the Brad Wells family for 8 months. I helped with school, did 1,000,000,000 and a 1/2 loads of laundry and hung clothes on the line to dry (only to race out in a torrential downpour and try to rescue them!) Tried my hand at cooking meals (at which I failed miserably) and fell deeply in love with missions, and Papua New Guinea.

After my return in 2008, I began teaching at Treasure Valley Baptist School. I had always dreamed of being a teacher but never thought that I would get to.

I LOVE teaching, I have had the best 4 years ever! I had the privilege of my job being my ministry. And who doesn’t love spending their days with kids ♥

Even though I loved teaching, in my heart I kept thinking about missions and if God wanted me to return to PNG to work with the Wells. Since 2009 I have had much prayer and counsel from My Pastor, Dad and Uncle and am now in preparations  to return to PNG as soon I have a work visa approved.

Making the choice to not return to teaching this coming fall was by far the hardest decision I have EVER had to make. I love my students. I love my job. I hate knowing that I won’t be with them and that I will miss out on all those sweet memories…it just kills me.

On the flip side, I am estatic about the path I’m on now and ready for the new adventure the Lord is allowing me to embark on. God is Good!


Hello World!

On the path to figuring this all out so please bear with me!

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