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November 2012

Beautiful for Patriot’s Dream…

Veteran’s Day.
Thank you men and women of America (and your wives and children for it was/is an immense sacrifice for you too) who have:
-laid down you lives or put them on the line
-left you families and homes
-sacrificed normalcy
-endured physical, mental and emotional stress beyond my level of understanding

I am indebted to you for your sacrifices made.
Thank you for defending my freedom and helping keep America free!


Extra Extra Read All About It!


☺I heard from Bro.Gray☺

It never fails…I just sat down to write a blog saying that I still hadn’t heard anything and decided to check my email. I received word not even 30 mins ago…

…my work permit is pending and should be done soon! (There are some things I need to do now on this end to send in to the embassy with my passport whenever I get the go ahead from Bro.Gray)

If everything goes smoothly it looks like I can make plans to leave after Christmas. I am at 50% of my goal for plane tickets, so things are lookin’ good!

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply” — Hudson Taylor


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