11 days
276 hours
16601 minutes
996060 seconds

Praise the Lord! I was given a referral from Kirsten Wells to a Christian couple in Florida that helped me find the best fare possible. Way better than travelocity orbitz expedia or any place online. 

Now that it’s here, I almost can’t believe it. I am so excited, but also the reality of leaving home and family is setting in and it will be very difficult to say good bye. Especially to 2 special kids ↓

…my lovely Gram, a special little cousin or two or 6! Not to mention my amazing sister, wonderful parents, super- fantastic sister in law, super hero brother 🙂 , aunts, uncles and cousins galore. (can you tell we’re tight?!) I love my family ♥♥♥

Enough of that….I am so excited!!! I can hardly stand it!!!