I am on the fifth of six flights.
Feels like I’ve been on a plane for a week!
My first flight was Boise to Las Vegas… That airport irritated me with all the slot machines, I felt wicked just being there πŸ™‚
Next I went to San Francisco. I am glad I had almost 3 hours there because it took a while to get checked in, I made it to the gate with about 10 minutes to spare.
The 13 hour flight to Auckland wasn’t too bad, although I was stuck in the middle seat ( not my favorite)I managed to sleep for five hours total and the girl I sat by could have been Lacey Zachman’s twin. πŸ™‚
Flight #4 Took me to Brisbane,Australia (Nothing exciting unless you care that I ate a slice of pizza, and almost didn’t find the correct departure gate due to them changing it and not posting the right one on the reader board… Good thing I am a savvy traveler:-))
Now I am on the leg to Port Moresby.
I have gotten a lot of Bible reading in, also jumped around between a few other books, Jane Eyre and the Fight for Light, Watched a couple movies (although it’s killing me because I literally cannot remember what one of them was!), & listened to the Band of Brothers soundtrack at least four times.
I am kicking myself because I forgot to sync my iPad and iPhone with my iTunes prior to leaving :-(. Holly got me the coolest headphones ever and boy do I love them, thanks sister!
Saying goodbye was really hard, harder than any time before. So much I will miss out on with the nieces and nephews, saying goodbye to my Gram (She is such an amazing woman), Knowing my brother will be deployed while I’m gone, leaving behind a best friend in my sister, and leaving my parents with an empty nest for the first time since 1978 πŸ™‚
On the flipside I am so excited to get to Hagen and jump in with both feet helping the Wells. It might sound corny but I feel like I was made for such a time as this. There’s so much joy knowing that I am going to be exactly where my Father wants me to be!!!
With that I will bid you farewell until I can post again.
P.S. if you haven’t had Ginger Beer you are missing out, Yum!