Today marks a month! Hard to believe that that much time has already passed.

Things are going really well.
We are in our 3rd full week of school since my arrival and the kids are doing really well. It was an adjustment for them to have me here and that’s quite understandable.

I have been working on learning some pidgin, I have a couple phrases and a handful of words down 🙂

You can’t believe how beautiful it is here. Looking out the window first thing in the morning and seeking such scenery as you never get to see in Idaho, it’s breathtaking!

Torrey is the animal guy, he has a cockatoo, a parrot, pigs, a goat and is trying to incubate chicken eggs in the bottom/back of the refrigerator. He is very savvy 🙂 He has wonderful talents with the guitar. Sadly he’s a jr higher and therefore trying to figure out the human thing!!
Jennifer is a spaz and makes me laugh on a daily basis. This afternoon I took a shower after working out and when I opened the bathroom door there was a gift with a note to me laying on the floor. So sweet but what was even more adorable was she was patiently waiting for me to exit and fell asleep on the chair:-)
Emily has a great laugh. I love it! She can be super serious at times and yet I am learning how to pull her out and have some fun with her!!! She is a superstar student and likes to excel at her studies. Charity is a natural, if she tries it she can do it. She is such a sweetheart and I thoroughly enjoy any time I get to spend with her. She is the family worker bee ( or as Deb said today “the red-headed step child”!) Charity and I have a special bond having the same middle name and all 🙂 Marshall…is tall! It’s so hard to believe he has grown so much in 4 years. We have a lot of laughs, and he has quite the ambitions in life. He decides he wants to do something and goes for it. I think the Lord has great things in store for him. Disclaimer- I may or may not have inadvertently introduced him to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! Not saying he was impressed but it was entertaining to say the least 🙂 Johanna likes to cook and does a wonderful job of it. She can be found in the kitchen more often than not. She has a beautiful smile 🙂 and is very much a people person, unfortunately she as well is working on figuring out the human thing as she is also a jr higher and turning 13 in a few weeks! Amy is the family blonde, leave it to her to say the wrong thing at the wrong time! She is carefree and easy going and lights up any room she is in.
Deborah is an amazing woman, she’s been so good to me and I am thankful I have such a godly mentor like her. Brad is an encourager, he has a way of challenging you to do things that are out of your comfort zone. He is not a bit sedentary in spiritual things or even life in general.
Doing family devotions every morning is such a blessing. I sometimes have to pinch myself to see of this is real or not!!!

I am teaching an English class on Monday nights for the Institute of Bible Truth . We have 2 weeks down and 14 to go. I was apprehensive at first, “I don’t know how to teach adults English!!!” But once I started it came together and I enjoy it a lot!

I miss my family and friends so very much but am feeling so content and blessed to here where my Father wants me.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, you have no idea what it means to me.
I. Am. Blessed. Beyond. Measure!