…is good!
School is over for the Wells kids (mostly) and boy are they happy. Marshall is finishing up a few more weeks of History and English (his DVDs came in late.) I am supposed to still be schooling Jana but she’s been out sick last week and so far this week. :-/ The time off has been nice, I’ve deep cleaned my bathroom, reorganized my bedroom, and organized the school office. I’m also helping out with some of the marketing and such for the radio station. Ahhhh…! Ever felt out if your element? Ya me too!! 🙂
Things are a bit crazy this week. Brad and Deb leave Thursday morning for their five week trip to the U.S. and there’s lots to be done to get ready. The kids and I will go to Pangia with Grandpa and Grandma Wells. I am so looking forward to the fellowship of being with them and Chad and Kirsten. Plus the kids have a list of adventures that we are going to do 🙂 Sure do love these guys! Life is never dull with them.
Learning a lot and so thankful for all opportunities I have been given. My Father is so good to me.
Live for Jesus!
*Some of the photos are blurry but that’s what happens when you are bouncing around in the back of a rig 🙂