I have spent the last five weeks 3 hours further back into the jungle. Brad and Deborah went to the states and the kids and I were able to come stay with Grandpa and Grandma Wells in Pangia. I was nervous about coming, not sure of what I would do etc. but after being here just a couple of days I knew it was going to be great!
It has been so relaxing and quiet here. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the back porch, the view is incredible, it is peaceful, I can think or read or do nothing! (I am sitting here as I type😄)
(Pic included!)
Chad and Kirsten had me over for dinner 2-3 nights a week and I enjoyed the fellowship immensely.
I have had so much fun with the kids…scavenger hunts, baseball, picnics, hikes to the river, ultimate frisbee, football in the rain, phase ten, banana grams, walking to the market or china store, swimming, making Chinese food, and many many more things I can’t remember them all. Needless to say many wonderful memories have been made in these five weeks.
I was able to spend my birthday here and I can tell you everyone went out of their way to make it special. Since Derrick’s birthday was exactly a week before mine we celebrated together (but on my actual birthday). He picked Chinese buffet for the meal and everyone made food to contribute. Marshall, Emily, Charity and I spent the day in the kitchen making wontons/potstickers, egg drop soup, and Chinese green tea. Aunt Kirsten made some tasty food and Grandma made killer egg rolls. We ate at Chad and Kirsten’s and she had it decked out with Chinese decor. I felt so overwhelmed at their kindness.
We celebrated Independence Day on our 5th, America’s 4th, mainly because Chad was away at a Pastor’s meeting in Mendi and we couldn’t celebrate without everyone being here. We went swimming at the river that day = super awesome, grilled steaks for dinner, and watched Courageous. Marshall even had a fireworks video on his iPod that he played on the tv.
Grandpa and Grandma Wells are some of the best people I know. I feel so blessed and privileged to have been able to be with them. They welcomed me in as one of the family and have been absolutely amazing. They are real, no pretense or airs, 100% genuine. Heroes of the Faith.

I am so thankful for my Saviour. He has allowed me to “live the dream”. It isn’t all peachy but it is a wonderful, crazy, and often scary adventure but He is with me the whole way.20130709-163609.jpg20130709-163632.jpg