Funny story…I was talking with a gal at church, Paula, and she works for Air Nuigini selling airline tickets. She was telling me that she couldn’t go on holiday October-February because it was pig season…I was thinking, wow! I had no idea pig season affected the airlines so much. And, what exactly is pig season? The next day while repeating this convo to Deb it dawned on me…peak season, not pig!! Oh that PNG accent!
When I first was here another lady, Betty, was telling me all about her “dead” born daughter. I thought she was being so unemotional and whatnot until one of the Wells girls told me she said “third” born!

Pray for me that I will become as fluent as possible in pidgin soon. There’s a huge barrier when I cannot fully understand or respond to people. I “get” a lot of it but really lack the confidence to autim tok (speak).