…I’m home.

The last few months have been quite the roller coaster. Wow.

Where to begin.

Late July I started getting headaches and sever sinus pressure. Every day.

I spent most of the summer (July/August) working on Bible School notes. It was very time consuming but I enjoyed it very much. I learned a lot from reading the commentary and felt such a great sense of accomplishment when I would complete a book.

Still experiencing severe headaches and pressure.

September 2 we started school. This was a little harder than usual as we didn’t have many of the consumables and all of Marshall’s schoolwork (it’s all coming on a container due in November) and some of the kids only had 3 full subject to do, but we figured better something than nothing.  I typed out tests and quizzes from the teacher’s keys. Those who only had 3 classes did double days so as to be ahead as much as possible. We were happy to start! (Except Torrey, he wasn’t so much.) School was going great. I was still working on IBT notes.

Headaches are not going away.

By September 19th I had seen 6 doctors, been on 6 weeks of antibiotics, and still no change. In fact the headaches were getting worse! The only thing that would help the pain was a drug called Ultram, unfortunately the side effects were not worth it. :-/

On Tuesday Morning, September 24, Brad, Deborah, and I sat down to discuss what we should do, (the last Dr. I had seen recommended I go to Australia for further tests and treatment.) Well, we sat in the living room, talked and prayed about it and felt that the best option was for me to come home. I specifically asked God when I prayed to give my Dad peace about what I should do. The next morning I received a message from Sabrina asking me to call Dad, this never happened he always waited for me to call.  I called and he said “Pastor and I talked and think you should come home.” God answered my prayer and through that I knew that I was supposed to go home. I was sad in my heart as I didn’t want to leave. I was happy in PNG. I loved it there. But God had made it very clear that this was His plan. So less than a week later, On Tuesday, October 1st, I boarded a plane and left for the U.S.  It was a hard day. I HATE saying goodbye to those I love. 46 hours later I stepped off the plane in Boise exhausted, heavy-hearted from all the emotions, still not feeling well, but I was home.

A week later and I am still trying to adjust. The jet lag has hit me hard. The emotions of leaving when I wasn’t ready/prepared for it. Headaches. Culture shock…it’s all ganged up on me! I think my theme song this week is “I Will Survive!”

I went to my doctor Friday morning and she referred me to an ENT specialist. Wednesday I had a CT scan, yesterday I saw the ENT. The news…it’s not sinus infection. All the symptoms have pointed that way, but my sinuses were clear as could be. He said that since the antibiotics had never helped the problem, there wasn’t any concern that it had “just cleared up,” it never was there. That leaves it still a mystery as to what is going on. Migraines maybe. Now I have to see a neurologist. He indicated that I probably will have a long road ahead of me to try to figure it out as it is hard to pinpoint. Oh joy!

I’m so thankful I have a Father who loves me and takes care of me. Even though this has been a rough few weeks/months. I know and trust that He has a purpose and I am just along for the ride!

Now, I get to figure out what I’m going to do…again. It’s very daunting and unnerving but on the other hand exciting to wonder what God has in store. My real theme song is “Simply Trusting Every Day”…we sang it in church Wednesday night and it brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you everyone who has been praying. It sure means a lot to me. I love you all so very much.


She who is amazed by how great her God is!

ps- I failed to explain that I am not returning to Papua New Guinea as originally planned. The Well’s ministry will be changing a bit for the next year. The radio station will be going national soon and the family will be traveling to various cities throughout PNG to set up receivers, do some Evangelism, and raise support to help sustain the station now that it is expanding. It wouldn’t be ideal to bring me along as they don’t know where they’d be staying and it gets quite spendy traveling. That being said, I am home for good.

1380414_10202519684459793_924972566_n Saying goodbye…1234230_10202519673459518_1150048222_n …the whole clan…

…love the kids! 72647_10202519711300464_822965710_n