St. Patrick’s Day I started back at the church school. I couldn’t have been more happy that I started on that day as it is one of my very favorite holidays. I love all things Irish…that’s allowed because Tá mé an Ghaeilge ♣.images

I get to teach in the 1st & 2nd grade class every morning and in the Kindergarten a few afternoons a week. I love spending my days with kids, it makes my ♥ more happy than anything.

Tomorrow I begin another venture into figuring out my headaches. An Elimination Diet (can you hear the excitement my voice? I didn’t think so.)images

As you can imagine this will be quite a challenge. I don’t mind giving up foods but I really HATE the shopping & prepping part of it all. I am lazy when it comes to eating. I like to open the fridge and pick my meal from the options it provides…this is a fault that I am trying to remedy. The next 30 days will help me with that I am sure.

Through this I am praying and hoping for some answers. I know regardless though that my Father has a reason for allowing me to go through this. Remembering that the rain brings blessing has helped my outlook. God knew I needed that message.images

Let it pour!