I’ve sat down countless times to write a new blog, but never seem to come up with just the right thing to say and end up erasing everything I wrote and starting over and then over again and again and then eventually give up. I have high hopes that I can cover some ground this time (fingers crossed!) My plan: Keep It Simple Simple! (two simples = extra simple)

I am still here. Yay! We’ve made it to a second paragr             


So, what’s new? 

I teach. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever undertaken, but it is also the most incredibly wonderful – fantastic -interesting – amazing – fulfilling job. 

  This meme couldn’t say it better. 🙂 

I quit my other part-time job. That in and of itself was a step of faith since I know that financially it will be a bit tight. I was praying about it one day and it was like as nudge no push NO… okay slap in the face from the Lord letting me know I didn’t have to push myself so hard and that if I would just have some faith He would take care of me. So, here I am…enjoying my evenings free, loving being able to stay after school and wrap up the day and get myself prepared for the next and getting enough time to recover.

Oh yeah, I am also learning how to live with someone. After living a year of complete bliss alone, I decided to rejoin humanity and not be a hermit anymore. My roomie Heidi moved in a month ago. She is the kindest and sweetest person imaginable, it’s a wonder that she puts up with me.

Leave me a comment telling what the Lord has recently nudged you to do.