I went to Maine. It was amazing. I loved working at Camp Winnebago. Teaching campers and witnessing “ah ha” moments. Meeting people from all over the U.S. and world was unbelievable. Becoming a part of a culture unique only to Camp, one that try as I might to explain I just can’t quite paint the right picture. Spending days off exploring and relaxing with friends. Working hard and feeling the exhaustion that six consecutive 15-16 hour days bring and yet it’s okay because my peers were in the same boat. The Stars were gorgeous, clear and bright, the Milky Way could easily be seen and many a night there were multiple shooting stars, I felt like a kid watching them. Leaving was hard, I hated saying goodbye to the boys that I had come to know and care for and friends that I had gotten so close to it seemed like I had known them my whole life.

Next, I went to Boston for some needed R&R and to process. It was fantastic. I spent two days doing as much as I could fit in. I walked the Freedom Trail, checked out a great bookstore, shopped, went to a game at Fenway, rode the T multiple times, ate delicious food and loved every second of it. I spent another day in Lexington and Concord (in the slight chance that Josh reads this, yes, Concord was better!) It was incredible to see Old North Bridge, Sleepy Hallow, Author’s Ridge, and put my feet in Walden Pond. Standing in the place where our forefathers stood and where pivotal historical acts took place, it was a moving experience… to stand there and breath it in and soak it up was indescribable.
I finally made it home on Friday. It was good to finish up the driving part of the road trip but it was hard to close the door on the adventure. As it is in life though, all good things must come to and end. Now, on to the next thing…