Hi, welcome! I am Megan (Meg to my close friends and family.)
I am a Christian. I trusted Christ as my Saviour as a 5 year old child and haven’t stopped loving Him and wanting to live for Him ever since.
I’m a teacher to 4th and 5th graders at a Christian school in Meridian, Idaho.
I love teaching. It is what God created me to do.
I am single. 34-ish.
Sarcastic. Broken yet loved. Ambivert. Bibliophile. Pluviophile. Suffer from misophonia. Enjoy listening to good music. Share an equal love for the mountains and the ocean.
I like coffee, chocolate chip cookies, My nephews and nieces, St. Patrick’s day, iced tea, peaches, books about WWII,  playing the piano, lions, being a counselor at summer camp, anchors, and the color green.
Fall is my favorite season, but spring is a close second.
Favorite time of day 6:26pm…In the spring & summer when the sun is out longer and it’s warm and bright about an hour or two before setting.
Irish Scottish and proud of it!


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