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Table. Cactus. Washington.

I went to a neurologist today. She asked me a bazillion questions and did all sorts of tests, like telling me three things to remember (asked me a bazillion more questions) then made me repeat the three things.


Well, she thinks it’s abnormal patterned migraines. Ugh. I have medication to take that is supposed to help and get to see her in 6-8 weeks. Since nothing was alarming or pointed to anything major or severe she did not order an MRI or any further tests at this time.

Please pray that the meds in. the. bud. I don’t relish the thought of daily headaches.



…I’m home.

The last few months have been quite the roller coaster. Wow.

Where to begin.

Late July I started getting headaches and sever sinus pressure. Every day.

I spent most of the summer (July/August) working on Bible School notes. It was very time consuming but I enjoyed it very much. I learned a lot from reading the commentary and felt such a great sense of accomplishment when I would complete a book.

Still experiencing severe headaches and pressure.

September 2 we started school. This was a little harder than usual as we didn’t have many of the consumables and all of Marshall’s schoolwork (it’s all coming on a container due in November) and some of the kids only had 3 full subject to do, but we figured better something than nothing.  I typed out tests and quizzes from the teacher’s keys. Those who only had 3 classes did double days so as to be ahead as much as possible. We were happy to start! (Except Torrey, he wasn’t so much.) School was going great. I was still working on IBT notes.

Headaches are not going away.

By September 19th I had seen 6 doctors, been on 6 weeks of antibiotics, and still no change. In fact the headaches were getting worse! The only thing that would help the pain was a drug called Ultram, unfortunately the side effects were not worth it. :-/

On Tuesday Morning, September 24, Brad, Deborah, and I sat down to discuss what we should do, (the last Dr. I had seen recommended I go to Australia for further tests and treatment.) Well, we sat in the living room, talked and prayed about it and felt that the best option was for me to come home. I specifically asked God when I prayed to give my Dad peace about what I should do. The next morning I received a message from Sabrina asking me to call Dad, this never happened he always waited for me to call.  I called and he said “Pastor and I talked and think you should come home.” God answered my prayer and through that I knew that I was supposed to go home. I was sad in my heart as I didn’t want to leave. I was happy in PNG. I loved it there. But God had made it very clear that this was His plan. So less than a week later, On Tuesday, October 1st, I boarded a plane and left for the U.S.  It was a hard day. I HATE saying goodbye to those I love. 46 hours later I stepped off the plane in Boise exhausted, heavy-hearted from all the emotions, still not feeling well, but I was home.

A week later and I am still trying to adjust. The jet lag has hit me hard. The emotions of leaving when I wasn’t ready/prepared for it. Headaches. Culture shock…it’s all ganged up on me! I think my theme song this week is “I Will Survive!”

I went to my doctor Friday morning and she referred me to an ENT specialist. Wednesday I had a CT scan, yesterday I saw the ENT. The news…it’s not sinus infection. All the symptoms have pointed that way, but my sinuses were clear as could be. He said that since the antibiotics had never helped the problem, there wasn’t any concern that it had “just cleared up,” it never was there. That leaves it still a mystery as to what is going on. Migraines maybe. Now I have to see a neurologist. He indicated that I probably will have a long road ahead of me to try to figure it out as it is hard to pinpoint. Oh joy!

I’m so thankful I have a Father who loves me and takes care of me. Even though this has been a rough few weeks/months. I know and trust that He has a purpose and I am just along for the ride!

Now, I get to figure out what I’m going to do…again. It’s very daunting and unnerving but on the other hand exciting to wonder what God has in store. My real theme song is “Simply Trusting Every Day”…we sang it in church Wednesday night and it brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you everyone who has been praying. It sure means a lot to me. I love you all so very much.


She who is amazed by how great her God is!

ps- I failed to explain that I am not returning to Papua New Guinea as originally planned. The Well’s ministry will be changing a bit for the next year. The radio station will be going national soon and the family will be traveling to various cities throughout PNG to set up receivers, do some Evangelism, and raise support to help sustain the station now that it is expanding. It wouldn’t be ideal to bring me along as they don’t know where they’d be staying and it gets quite spendy traveling. That being said, I am home for good.

1380414_10202519684459793_924972566_n Saying goodbye…1234230_10202519673459518_1150048222_n …the whole clan…

…love the kids! 72647_10202519711300464_822965710_n

I need my ears checked!

Funny story…I was talking with a gal at church, Paula, and she works for Air Nuigini selling airline tickets. She was telling me that she couldn’t go on holiday October-February because it was pig season…I was thinking, wow! I had no idea pig season affected the airlines so much. And, what exactly is pig season? The next day while repeating this convo to Deb it dawned on me…peak season, not pig!! Oh that PNG accent!
When I first was here another lady, Betty, was telling me all about her “dead” born daughter. I thought she was being so unemotional and whatnot until one of the Wells girls told me she said “third” born!

Pray for me that I will become as fluent as possible in pidgin soon. There’s a huge barrier when I cannot fully understand or respond to people. I “get” a lot of it but really lack the confidence to autim tok (speak).


I have spent the last five weeks 3 hours further back into the jungle. Brad and Deborah went to the states and the kids and I were able to come stay with Grandpa and Grandma Wells in Pangia. I was nervous about coming, not sure of what I would do etc. but after being here just a couple of days I knew it was going to be great!
It has been so relaxing and quiet here. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the back porch, the view is incredible, it is peaceful, I can think or read or do nothing! (I am sitting here as I type😄)
(Pic included!)
Chad and Kirsten had me over for dinner 2-3 nights a week and I enjoyed the fellowship immensely.
I have had so much fun with the kids…scavenger hunts, baseball, picnics, hikes to the river, ultimate frisbee, football in the rain, phase ten, banana grams, walking to the market or china store, swimming, making Chinese food, and many many more things I can’t remember them all. Needless to say many wonderful memories have been made in these five weeks.
I was able to spend my birthday here and I can tell you everyone went out of their way to make it special. Since Derrick’s birthday was exactly a week before mine we celebrated together (but on my actual birthday). He picked Chinese buffet for the meal and everyone made food to contribute. Marshall, Emily, Charity and I spent the day in the kitchen making wontons/potstickers, egg drop soup, and Chinese green tea. Aunt Kirsten made some tasty food and Grandma made killer egg rolls. We ate at Chad and Kirsten’s and she had it decked out with Chinese decor. I felt so overwhelmed at their kindness.
We celebrated Independence Day on our 5th, America’s 4th, mainly because Chad was away at a Pastor’s meeting in Mendi and we couldn’t celebrate without everyone being here. We went swimming at the river that day = super awesome, grilled steaks for dinner, and watched Courageous. Marshall even had a fireworks video on his iPod that he played on the tv.
Grandpa and Grandma Wells are some of the best people I know. I feel so blessed and privileged to have been able to be with them. They welcomed me in as one of the family and have been absolutely amazing. They are real, no pretense or airs, 100% genuine. Heroes of the Faith.

I am so thankful for my Saviour. He has allowed me to “live the dream”. It isn’t all peachy but it is a wonderful, crazy, and often scary adventure but He is with me the whole way.20130709-163609.jpg20130709-163632.jpg






…is good!
School is over for the Wells kids (mostly) and boy are they happy. Marshall is finishing up a few more weeks of History and English (his DVDs came in late.) I am supposed to still be schooling Jana but she’s been out sick last week and so far this week. :-/ The time off has been nice, I’ve deep cleaned my bathroom, reorganized my bedroom, and organized the school office. I’m also helping out with some of the marketing and such for the radio station. Ahhhh…! Ever felt out if your element? Ya me too!! 🙂
Things are a bit crazy this week. Brad and Deb leave Thursday morning for their five week trip to the U.S. and there’s lots to be done to get ready. The kids and I will go to Pangia with Grandpa and Grandma Wells. I am so looking forward to the fellowship of being with them and Chad and Kirsten. Plus the kids have a list of adventures that we are going to do 🙂 Sure do love these guys! Life is never dull with them.
Learning a lot and so thankful for all opportunities I have been given. My Father is so good to me.
Live for Jesus!
*Some of the photos are blurry but that’s what happens when you are bouncing around in the back of a rig 🙂






This -n- That

I am sorry that it had been awhile since I wrote…seems like life kinda swallowed me up for a time. I will do better, I promise!

I do school with the kids every morning. We start at 8:30 a.m. then different students finish at different times throughout the day. We finished lesson 155 today. Three more weeks left and then FREEDOM! The kids cannot wait for summer break.

Two weeks ago we added another student to our little school. Janamaya. She is the daughter of Leslee and Betty Daniels. (Leslee is the radio station manager and Brad’s right hand man in the church.) Jana (Yanna) is in the first grade. She is very bright and already doing very well. I will continue to school here throughout the summer (the PNG school year runs February-November, unfortunately Jana had to start late because we were waiting for her books and dvds to arrive.)

Last month I started working on the books at the Mt. Hagen Missionary Home. Deborah spent some time training me on Quick Books and teaching me to do the payroll and taxes. I feel like quite the retard most of the time but I am starting to get the hang of it. This little job will give me an opportunity to go into town a few days a week. It will be nice to have somewhere to go…you know what they say “Variety is the spice of life”…it will also give the Wells a chance to not have an intruder for a few hours. It’s not easy to have someone come and live with you for a significant amount of time and I totally understand that and want to respect their family time. We are working on finding a good balance.

Tuesday Brad decided to take everyone swimming. We drove about 30 minutes away found a great spot. We swam for a while, then built sand castles (the sand was perfect for it) all the while about 30 people from the village gathered around and watched the white people! Charity, Emily and I formed an alliance and built all our sand castles together…it was a super awesome fortress. It had to be because we were defending ourselves against the axis powers of Marshall, Torrey and Amy. We were merely going over to look at their castles when someone “thought” we were attacking. A massive mud war ensued! I have been digging sand out of ears and hair ever since 🙂 Needless to say, it was a blast!

Your prayers means the world to me, thank you so very much.


“God, preserve me from living a life which conforms to the general pattern.” _Jim Elliott




Happy Easter Olgeta!

It’s 10:59 pm and nearing the end of our Resurrection Sunday here in PNG.
We had a wonderful day. The service at church was good. Brad preached on “My People” talking today about Peter and all his short comings and yet God used him after he learned Submission, Restraint, Compassion, Humility, and more…God can and will use us too if we will learn these things.
Today was also Jo of the Hanna’s birthday:-) She’s now a teenager!!! Her & Torrey are Irish twins ( will be the same age for 2 weeks.) We partied it up with lasagna and cheese cake, yummo!!
Things are going great here.
I wish you all a wonderful Easter.
Thankful for my Saviour raising from the dead and giving all for me. 🎶Death has been swallowed up in victory!🎶

Rejoicing in the Truth

Today marks a month! Hard to believe that that much time has already passed.

Things are going really well.
We are in our 3rd full week of school since my arrival and the kids are doing really well. It was an adjustment for them to have me here and that’s quite understandable.

I have been working on learning some pidgin, I have a couple phrases and a handful of words down 🙂

You can’t believe how beautiful it is here. Looking out the window first thing in the morning and seeking such scenery as you never get to see in Idaho, it’s breathtaking!

Torrey is the animal guy, he has a cockatoo, a parrot, pigs, a goat and is trying to incubate chicken eggs in the bottom/back of the refrigerator. He is very savvy 🙂 He has wonderful talents with the guitar. Sadly he’s a jr higher and therefore trying to figure out the human thing!!
Jennifer is a spaz and makes me laugh on a daily basis. This afternoon I took a shower after working out and when I opened the bathroom door there was a gift with a note to me laying on the floor. So sweet but what was even more adorable was she was patiently waiting for me to exit and fell asleep on the chair:-)
Emily has a great laugh. I love it! She can be super serious at times and yet I am learning how to pull her out and have some fun with her!!! She is a superstar student and likes to excel at her studies. Charity is a natural, if she tries it she can do it. She is such a sweetheart and I thoroughly enjoy any time I get to spend with her. She is the family worker bee ( or as Deb said today “the red-headed step child”!) Charity and I have a special bond having the same middle name and all 🙂 Marshall…is tall! It’s so hard to believe he has grown so much in 4 years. We have a lot of laughs, and he has quite the ambitions in life. He decides he wants to do something and goes for it. I think the Lord has great things in store for him. Disclaimer- I may or may not have inadvertently introduced him to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! Not saying he was impressed but it was entertaining to say the least 🙂 Johanna likes to cook and does a wonderful job of it. She can be found in the kitchen more often than not. She has a beautiful smile 🙂 and is very much a people person, unfortunately she as well is working on figuring out the human thing as she is also a jr higher and turning 13 in a few weeks! Amy is the family blonde, leave it to her to say the wrong thing at the wrong time! She is carefree and easy going and lights up any room she is in.
Deborah is an amazing woman, she’s been so good to me and I am thankful I have such a godly mentor like her. Brad is an encourager, he has a way of challenging you to do things that are out of your comfort zone. He is not a bit sedentary in spiritual things or even life in general.
Doing family devotions every morning is such a blessing. I sometimes have to pinch myself to see of this is real or not!!!

I am teaching an English class on Monday nights for the Institute of Bible Truth . We have 2 weeks down and 14 to go. I was apprehensive at first, “I don’t know how to teach adults English!!!” But once I started it came together and I enjoy it a lot!

I miss my family and friends so very much but am feeling so content and blessed to here where my Father wants me.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, you have no idea what it means to me.
I. Am. Blessed. Beyond. Measure!






Monday Morning!

Things are going well here. I am finally starting to adjust to the climate, altitude and time differences.
I arrived on Wednesday, February 13th about 5:30 pm.
The Gipps were coming on Saturday for a Leadership Conference and so the first 3 days I was here were a bit crazy with everyone in preparation for the meeting. The conference began on Sunday night the 18th and went through Wednesday the 21st. Grandma and Grandpa Wells came to pick up the Gipps on Thursday and we all finally crashed!!!
Friday the 23rd we did our first day of school since my arrival. It went very well. It will probably take me a few days to get in the swing of things but I know it will go well.
I will begin teaching an adult English class starting next Monday night, slightly nervous as I am not sure of how it will go. I know the curriculum well but teaching to adults is a whole new thing for me. Pray I don’t bomb it!
I miss all my dear family and friends, but the Lord is blessing here. The Wells go out of their was to include me as part of their family and are very kind. The kids have grown so much since I was here 4 years ago we’ve had our share of cutting up already!!!
I had better get back to work.
I love you all, thanks for you prayer and support.
Psalms 40:5 “Many, O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.”


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